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Motil is an elegant, easy-to-assemble modular privacy screen that provides temporary workplace privacy and a professional backdrop for professionals working at home, co-work spaces or open office areas. As remote professionals ourselves, we believe versatile, well-designed remote work furniture is a must for anyone who needs quiet time to focus but also wants to look their best working in today's transitional, open-area work spaces. 

​We use entirely recycled materials that are durable, lightweight and stylish. The tiles are constructed of compressed recycled fibers that condense sound and are flame retardant. Motil connectors are made of a strong and elegant birch plywood that is a recycled composite.

We launched the Remote Nation® line in 2018 because as remote professionals, we felt the need for specialized products to help make remote work easier. Since we couldn’t find what we needed on the market, we decided to design stuff ourselves. These days more and more people like you are working remotely so we’re sharing our favorite stuff with you so your life gets easier, too. 

Once assembled the motil stands at 40'' X 15'' X 60''  (L X W X H)

The motil weighs 18 lbs. 

​If you rocked legos as a kid, Motil will be a snap. Motil consists of 6 tiles with connectors that come together or come apart quickly and easily. Once assembled, your Motil is easy to move into place, yet stable and sturdy once its in place. Download the instructions on the main page to learn more.

So glad you asked! Yes! Motil is lightweight and comes with it's own stylin' messenger bag carrying case for easy transport. The bags are as nice as your Motil so you look as good during the trip as you will in your work space!

Anyway that works best for you. The Motil system is a versatile solution that can be configured multiple ways. Use all the parts to build yourself a temporary privacy wall or a professional backdrop when you need some alone time or have a video conference scheduled then disassemble it when you're feeling social. Motil tiles can also be used to create separate workspaces on top of a conference table. Use multiple Motils to construct your own flexible cubicle that can disappear quickly when you need open space.  

Absolutely. Click here masnow@sophaya.com to contact us directly and let's chat! We can outfit you with all the Motils you need to get the best use out of every square inch of your space!

Motil comes with it's own stylish messenger bag carrying case to ensure all it's parts stay contained and organized. When packed away, Motil is incredibly compact, takes up very little space and stores easily under a desk, in a corner or tucked away in a closet when not in use.